Wow that was pretty much the best racing of the year, SX and MX combined. In moto 2 Dungey and Pourcel both had bad starts (Pourcel dead last due to gate issue), and they worked their way through the pack together. They then caught up to Tommy Searle and Brett Metcalfe and the four battled for what felt like forever. At least a few laps. Dungey passed Metcalfe, then passed Searle, while Pourcel got in front of Metcalfe as well. Then Searle pulled a sweet move on Dungey and got back in front and held on for the podium (3rd). I think Metcalfe got back in front of Pourcel as well. There were multiple position changes between these 4 and they were just flying. It was awesome watching them all keep the pace so hard, especially when they had to work they way through lapped riders again.

Much like the SX season, the 250 class is far more entertaining than the 450's in my opinion. I've enjoyed the 450's, its cool that there are now 5 riders this year with their first 450 win, but the 250's always have me on the edge of my seat.