• Fb in Baja

    The Furious bros. have landed in Baja for some epic riding, but the trip has already gotten off to a crazy start. We arrived at our first location late night on Saturday 17 April 2010, a well-known hotel among off-roaders called the Old Mill, just south of San Quintin.

    After getting dinner at the restaurant next door, Don Eddie's, we headed for bed ready for the next day's riding. At 2:30 am I awoke to the smell of smoke and the sound of cracking. I could see light just beyond the outside of the courtyard of our hotel, right where Don Eddie's was.

    Don Eddie's restaurant and bar burned to the ground. I was able to get some video, so I put it together and uploaded it to youtube today (had some time because we had some bike trouble on our first day of riding).

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    1. skeeter's Avatar
      excellent video, not dirtbiking but it does have ACTION.
    1. v8rman's Avatar
      I'm with Skeeter... Where's the brappppt!?
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